I had the codes pulled on my check engine light, why do I need Diagnostics done?

When you pull codes on a vehicle, it gives you a general idea what might be going on with your vehicle.  However, until a technician can get under the hood and actually identify the source of the problem, pulling a code is not enough to pinpoint what is actually going on inside the engine.  A code gives us a starting point from where it's occurring.  From there we can determine what requires replacement. We never want to "just throw parts at a car to try and fix it."  It's more cost efficient to make a proper diagnosis to put you safely back on the road.  

Why don't you post your prices?

The cost of each job is based on labor and parts that your car requires.  BMW parts, for example, typically cost more then parts for a Hyundai. Each make and model has appropriate parts for that vehicle.  So to get you the best deal possible, we have relationships with parts dealers all over and constantly negotiate to get you the best rate.


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There are always a lot of questions with car repairs, but not always a lot of explanation, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get at our shop.

An oil change is all the same, so why is there a cost difference?

As cars have changed over the years, so have oil changes; each vehicle has different recommendations by the manufacturer.  Some vehicles require a high grade of oil called a synthetic blend that is typically more expensive than a non-synthetic blend of oil and it

actually lasts longer.  Due to the size of some vehicles, it also may require more quarts of oil.  If you have questions about what your vehicle requires, please feel free to ask our technicians or you can also check your owner's manual.

Why does an Oil Change take 45 minutes to an hour?

Our oil changes are more than just a drain and fill.  In addition to draining and changing your oil, we also visually check your fluids and top off your washer fluid.  Additionally we change out the air filter, do a visual brake inspection, rotate your tires if needed and visually inspect your tires as well.  Our goal is to make you aware if there is any major concern with your vehicle, but also to ensure your vehicle is safely maintained.



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